When we do your fuel tax reporting you are supplied with a detailed report which enables you to keep track of fuel costs and taxes payable. We keep on top of making sure all tax reports are filed on time so you are free of penalties. The information from the fuel tax you submit to us on a monthly basis we keep and when there is an audit we have the auditors come to our office and we handle the questions so you do not have to take the time out of your schedule.

Auditing your Driver’s Daily Logs is one of the most important steps in achieving compliance with the safety regulations in both Canada and the US. We supply a detailed report for each driver which will show any violations and the regulation it pertains to. By having the logs audited it shows that you are being proactive and not reactive in ensuring your drivers understand the regulations and also identifies those drivers who need help.

A Safety Plan is a requirement by both the National Safety Code and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. Our goal is to provide you with a Safety Plan that is tailored to your company and to show you how to use it to the best advantage. This will enable you to avoid costly fines and penalties for not having the proper records.

A Compliance Audit is beneficial in that it defines any areas in your recordkeeping that are not quite up to par and we show you how to improve in those areas.

When the National Safety Code or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration schedules an audit we can assist in ensuring you have the records requested by the auditor and we can be present at the audit.